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Sandy Steele has been practising acupuncture in Oxford since 2003.

About acupuncture

Acupuncture is a safe, effective system of medicine that’s been used for thousands of years to restore health



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What our patients say

“Sandy treated me for extreme and debilitating arthralgia. Her treatment changed my life completely. I cannot recommend her enough. Her easy going professionalism and persona all help towards a relaxed and calm environment.” – Des B on Facebook
“Sandy was so easy to talk to and made the treatments fun and something to look forward to.” – Lou E on Facebook
“I started seeing Sandy due to suffering from migraines and mid to upper back pain. I felt she was always knowledgeable, skilled and had a real attention to detail. Her work had a direct influence in alleviating my condition which previously was making life pretty difficult!” – Mark P on Google

“(Sandy) is particularly good for all things pregnancy related, not only during but also beforehand and afterwards.  Treatment is far more than just the needles, it’s a holistic process that addresses both your physical and mental wellbeing.”  Eleanor B on Google

“From aches and pains to stress and anxiety, Sandy has always had the answers” Scott C on Google
“Superb acupuncture practice – cannot recommend more highly. Have seen not just Sandy but her colleagues as well over many years now, and all have been fantastic. My husband (the sceptic until going to this practice!) has seen remarkable improvements to his work-related back problems, while I have benefited hugely from the holistic approach this practice encourages.” Sue H on Facebook
“My husband and I underwent IVF treatment in 2013 and Sandy gave me regular acupuncture during the course and even on her days off, just to ensure we had had as much help as possible at the key times of the treatment. My husband and I do believe that the fact we were lucky enough to have had our son after the first attempt of IVF, is hugely contributed to the acupuncture I received before/ during and after the fertility treatment. I honestly could not recommend Sandy highly enough.” Lisa B on Google


“I’m very glad to have been recommended to use Sandy’s skill in acupuncture when I fell ill with Bell’s Palsy.  After not being able to sleep a full night until I saw her, that very same night after her treatment I slept without the need for painkillers … for someone who is nervous about needles she put me totally at ease and her intuitive manner and responses … made her easy to trust.”  Suzanne W on Google


“I suffered from extreme pain in my jaw and after my first session I noticed a huge amount of difference.  I was able to tackle day to day things that I was really struggling to do.  I continued to see Sandy on a regular basis which really helped with my pain and distress”  Saida R on Google


“I visited Sandy for help with cervical spondylosis and TMJ.  I’ve had both conditions for years and, prior to going to Sandy nothing had really worked.  I’m pleased to say both my neck and jaw are now more comfortable  … and I finally feel I have made a treatment that makes a difference to me.”  Laura C on Google


“Each week (Sandy) made sure to clearly explain the assumptions and reasoning underpinning that week’s treatment, and from the moment I stepped into the room I felt at ease.:  Luke C on Google